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     Long before the current renaissance of wooden plugs, internet sites and Antique tackle auctions the men who are now the stuff of legend made their mark in small home workshops, local tackle shops and on the beaches and waterways of New England, New York and New Jersey shores. This is devoted to them, the pioneers of the sport we all have become addicted too.

     Men Like Gibbs, Woolner, Laine, Pichney, Sabatowski and countless others. Plug makers, surf fishermen, charter boat captains. In the times of beach buggies made from old Model A Fords, classic lined Cuttyhunk style boats made of oak and mahogany from which you trolled in the middle of the night in a crashing rip with the skin of an eel lashed to a lead headed rig, your only insurance of safety being the skippers years at sea and intimate knowledge of the area he fished. When you relied on subtle hints of Mother Nature to tell you when and where you should fish not sophisticated electronics and the Internet.

     The sport of Striped Bass fishing has a history as do all other sports. To know your sport you must learn this history. From it's primitive beginnings of heave and haul to the advent of conventional tackle and linen line to early spinning and technological breakthroughs like nylon and fiberglass. From the bass stands of West Island, Cuttyhunk, Pasque and Squibnocket to the banks of the Cape Cod Canal and the shadow of the Montauk lighthouse and Cape May, we will endeavor to uncover that history, to keep record of it and pay tribute to the men whose names now are spoken reverently whenever Striper fishermen meet and inform those who had no idea the blissful addiction they now cannot shake had such a colorful past.

     Pirates and rogues, intellectuals, loners and inventors they were. These men covered just about every spectrum of our society driven by one thing and one thing only, the pursuit of the Striped Bass. We will look at the development of techniques, certain plugs and fisheries. We will do this so that when you walk the beach at night casting into a dark and rushing surf and feel the solid take of a bass you might remember for a brief moment those that came before you, whose spirits watch silently from the shadows and give them a nod of thanks for pioneering this great sport of ours.

     Yesteryear is a celebration of a great tradition. Join us as we look back.

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