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Tattoo's Tackle Proof is in the Catch image - 24kb    Made in Rhode Island, and fished around the world, Tattoo's Tackle has become a respected name in wooden fishing lures. Our wood lures have caught them all, Musky, Pike, Cubera Snapper, Kingfish, Snook, Redfish, Largemouth Bass, Stripers, Bluefish, etc...the list goes on and on. Our handcrafted wooden lures are ideal for saltwater or freshwater fishing and are the proven choice of fishermen looking to land trophy fish. Whether you fish Cape Cod beaches for striped bass, Florida's Jupiter Inlet for Snook, regional tournaments for largemouth bass, or offshore for light tackle tuna, we have a fishing lure designed to attract, hook and land your next trophy fish. Our lures are tested by fisherman across the globe in every possible condition to ensure you the best wood lures available.We are proud to state our lures, and our company, have truly earned their reputation of excellence on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tattoo's Tackle Sets Ourselves Apart image - 24kb    Our dedication to superior quality and meticulous attention to detail sets our lures apart from today's mass-marketed lures. Using old world craftsmanship coupled with the best modern day components including VMC hooks, heavy duty split rings, and stainless steel thru-wire, has earned Tattoo's Tackle a reputation of producing high quality wood lures that look great, but work better. From airbrushed baitfish patterns, to our signature stamped stainless metal lips, handcrafted quality is evident throughout our ever increasing line of products.

   Relying heavily on precision equipment to ensure consistency and accuracy, Tattoo's Tackle has the capacity to meet the demands of the market while exceeding the high expectations of fishermen around the globe. As the Tattoo's Tackle line expanded it quickly became clear that specialized tools and procedures were going to be needed to achieve the manufacturing precision we demand. Unable to find manufacturing equipment suited for the company's requirements, Tattoo's Tackle has designed and adapted a number of machines for its manufacturing process. Every step of creating a Tattoo's Tackle lure has been streamlined, improved, and in several cases invented to produce exact copies of the master lure time after time. This engineering process continues every day of production.

Tattoo's Tackle's Attention to Detail Sets Us Apart image - 24kb    The company manufactures and paints its entire product in-house to control the quality of the construction and finish from beginning to end. Once start up on a lure is initiated, in-house quality control and multiple inspection steps control all processes from machining, painting, assembly and finally packaging from our locations. At no time do our lures leave our facilities machining, painting, or assembly. Being family owned and operated ensures we retain complete control over the quality of our lures throughout the entire manufacturing process. Manufactured entirely here in Rhode Island, we strongly believe in American quality and American innovation. We believe our lures are a true reflection of our commitment to make the absolute very best wooden fishing lures.

   Tattoo's Tackle has evolved from a young man's hobby into a growing family business. We thank you for sharing in it.

Tattoo's Tackle's Products are Made in USA

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