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     We fish hard, and so do our customers! We always love to hear a good fish tale, so we are sharing some of our most recent testimonials with the world. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

     All accepted and approved submissions will receive a free lure, compliments of Tattoo's Tackle.
- Sea Pups...They are insane on the tarpon in the Keys!...


     Just wanted to share my comments with you about the Sea Pups. They are insane on the tarpon in the Keys! Not only do they cast well, they do the "walk the dog" nicely, and they damn well stay in one piece when we are battling 100 plus pound beasts that do anything and everything to bust up your gear. Last year we were using Zara Spooks, but we had to change out the hooks and split rigs, and they were still on the small side and falling apart. This year, we just used the Sea Pup right out of the package! How much do the tarpon love these plugs? Some evenings we would be the only guys on the flats getting hits when others are using live bait, and on top of that, were are getting some downright crazy topwater strikes! And when tarpon hit these plugs, don't think your going to hook one in the lip, they inhale the things, and luckily they have these huge mouths to get your plug back.

See you on the water, "walking the dog" on the Striper coast!

Capt'n Ben DeMario
Westerly, RI

- These things catch not only bigger bass but also when most people are heading for the barn around 12pm with high sun....


     Well, I must say I love Sea Dog and Sea Pup lures you offer not only for my own personal fishing adventures but also with my entire client base. These plugs provide a great visual for people to see when reeling plugs back to the boat. They see not only the intense hits that these spooks receive but also they can track these plugs as it works its magic over the structure. These things catch not only bigger bass but also when most people are heading for the barn around 12pm with high sun. I've fished with a ton of different lures made of all kinds of materials and I must say the Tattoo Sea Pups and Tattoo Sea Dogs are without a doubt the best wooden spook style plug I've ever fished…..Period. The color selection you offer as well as the size ranges make it not only great for surf angler on a heavy surf rod but great for the boat angler who may want to toss big wood into the stones and get results on 7' to 8' foot rods. Everyone over at "The Tattoo Team" please keep up the great work and I look forward to the next release of spookiness!

Capt.Corey Pietraszek

- It throbbed like an original Danny, at least for a while until the 18-pound bass clobbered it...

A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle Large Swimmers being Clobbered by a Striped Bass - 99kbHi Mike,

     It's been lock and load fishing this week. I was up at 3:20 AM and didn't get back until a few minutes ago. We had a cool, but very productive trip. I forgot I had two of your plugs on board so I tossed one of my favorites into a favorite wash and had two follows. I left then came back 20-minutes later and tossed your 2.5-ounce herring Large Swimmer. It throbbed like an original Danny, at least for a while until the 18-pound bass clobbered it. Right in the head.

If this sample of your work is any representation of your line they are winners. I can't wait to try a darter and some poppers if you make them. I didn't think they'd have that action because of the shape of the head. All told a fish on the very first time I wet the lure and two others on a bright, sunny calm day when plugs should be left in their bags.

Charley Soares

- The darter continued to produce for me for the next couple of hours landing bluefish after bluefish....

     I just returned from a trip to Martha's Vineyard with some of my fellow club members from the Connecticut Surfcasters and I wanted to let you know about the success I experienced with your 2 oz. Squid Darters. On Saturday evening we went to Wasque Point to fish the rip there and ran into a blitz of bluefish almost immediately. I put on your 2 oz Squid Darter, Weakfish pattern, and got three bluefish in my first three casts. The darter continued to produce for me for the next couple of hours landing bluefish after bluefish. The plug continued to out produce the two guys who crowded around me after watching me catch. They were throwing some metal, I think, and couldn't hook up. They were literally casting only 10, maybe 15 feet away from me and did not land a single fish while I landed several. The bluefish bite died down at sunset and I switched to another 2 oz Squid Darter, Blood Red pattern. On my first 6 casts I landed 6 bass! I continued to catch bass for the next 2 hours. Again, those around me caught far fewer fish, even as a couple of the guys kept inching closer and closer to me. I ended up landing a total of 15 bass that evening, with the largest coming in around 35 or so. This fish inhaled the darter into its mouth so that the plug was lodged sideways. There weren't any monsters in the mix but it was a nice run of fish and a great way to end my trip! Needless to say, your darters will always have a slot in my surf bag each time I go out. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the fish but I just wanted to pass along how pleased I am with your darters. Keep up the good work.A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle 2 oz. Squid Darter's Success on Martha's Vineyard - 32kb

Jim Wysor
Connecticut Surfcasters

- Tattoo's would draw explosive hits while I couldn't get a bump on other plugs and plastics...

     After hearing nothing about good things about Tattoo's lures, we decided to stock the shelves at the Fishin'Factory in Middletown CT. Customers began picking them up and coming back with stories of stripers blasting both the Swimmers and Sea Dogs in all colors, so I added a few to my plug bag and headed out to feeding bass!!! It didn't take long before the bass became interested in both the Swimmers and the Sea Dogs. I tried numerous other lures from different companies that day, as well as a handful of big soft plastics, and the Tattoo's would draw explosive hits while I couldn't get a bump on other plugs and plastics. They have very quickly become my "go to" lure, as well as many of our customers!!!
A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle  Surface Swimmers and Sea Dogs Outcatching Other Lures on the Connecticut River - 129kb
Phillip Mangiaracina

- A Montauk Surf Caught Striped Bass on a Tattoo's Tackle 2 Ounce Darter...


     I wanted to thank you for the Darters that you had sent me while I was out in Montauk in early October. I was out there for several days prior to the start of the Gathering of Anglers contest.

A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle 2 Ounce Darter with a striped bass caught in the Montauk surf - 72kb      It was a great week. There were big blues and bass feeding along the town beaches all day long. When things calmed down and nobody seemed to be catching anything anymore, I started to throw your Darters. I wanted to see how it swam before I started using it at night. Well the blues and bass tore that plug up. I was the only one catching. When my arms couldn't take another fight I looked at my new plug. It went through hell. You couldn't have ever guessed that this Darter had been a new plug. The swimming action was great, you could see and feel it working. Your new design is fantastic. From the eyes to the new shape, it is a great combination.

     Night time was another story. There was a small pick of bass up to 26 lbs. and you had to work hard for them. I had decided to hit the south side rocks near the stables. So I donned my wet suit at 2 am and went to work. I started out using my usual arsenal of plugs and bucktails. I was not having any luck with any of it, so I decided to switch to your Darters. On the fifth cast I had my first hit. I threw the Darters back to the same spot and 'bam', a good hit and hook up. I had four bass up to 22 lbs. that night using your Darters.

     After spending a whole day, 12/10/06, on a private charter with five of my friends black fishing, I decided to hit the beach on the way home. I wound up at Democrat Pt. The first and only plug that I pulled from my bag was your Darters. Lets just say that my girlfriend was not as mad that I was out all day and night when she saw the bag of blackfish and the two nice bass 18 lbs, and 33 lbs. in the cooler. The two guys that I was fishing with on the beach were also very impressed with your new design and were raving about the eyes in the plugs.

     Thank You for the Darters. They work great!

Mike Larmony
Mid-Island Surfcasters

- Tattoo's Tackle goes European! Netherlands Pike on Tattoo's Tackle Everlasting Eel and Large Swimmers...

A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle lures catching European pike - 70kb "Dear Mike,

     The first pikes are caught with the 'Everlasting Eels' and the 'Large Swimmer'. In our Dutch so called 'polders', it can be hard to catch some good pike. The water is usually quite muddy, because of the many rain in our little country.

     The 'Everlasting Eels' and the 'Large Swimmer' are making a different kind of vibration than other, more traditional crankbaits. That's why I could catch more pike than other fisherman over here.

     Thanks to your lures, I caught quite some nice pike up to almost 40 inches. Especially the bright colours, like the yellow ones, were very successful, as you can see on the picture. This pike was caught fishing in a very shallow polder, on a depth of just 3 feet! After 4 casts it took my bait and the fight could begin. It's nice to see that your lures work on the other side of the ocean as well. The Netherlands is the number 1 pike fishing-country in Europe, thanks to our catch & release, pike fishing is very good on most waters. With the Tattoo lures, I can break the conditioning and catch more pike than other fishermen. The 'Everlasting Eel' has found itself a nice spot in my tackle box! I'll take it with me all the time.

A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle lures catching European pike - 60kb      I also caught some nice fish on the 'Large Swimmer'. This lure was trolled behind the boat in some clear polders, of about 5 feet depth. Those pike just come and get it! It's a very spectacular sight when a pike attacks the Large Swimmer which runs in the surface, just 10 feet behind the boat! The fights are amazing!

     About the quality of your lures is only one thing to say...Absolutely great! The finishing and quality could not ever be improved. Even the biggest pike could not break this lure down.

     Mike, thanks a lot!

     With kind fishing regards, from the Netherlands,

Frank van Vliet


- From a 36 Pound Redfish, to King Mackerel, to Jack Crevalle - They All Can't Say 'No' to a Tattoo's Tackle Sea Dog...

A Testimonial about a 36 Pound Redfish Caught on a Tattoo's Tackle Sea Dog - 47kb
A Testimonial about a 36 Pound Redfish Caught on a Tattoo's Tackle Sea Dog - 47kb "Mike,

     As a guy who makes a living fishing, I recognize quality and performance when I see it. Your Sea Dogs get tied on every rod on my boat when we break the Port Aransas jetties. Out there King Mackerel, Jack Crevalle, and huge Redfish boil the surface chasing baitfish, and they can't say no to a Tattoo's topwater. Even an inexperienced angler can "walk the dog" and get an explosive strike with your lures.

     One more thing, most topwaters go in the garbage after a King gets done with them; yours go right back in the water. Enough said. Thanks for making a great lure."

Capt. Brian Holden
Redfish Lodge
Rockport, TX


- 42 Pound Striper Inhales Tattoo's Tackle 2 Ounce Darter...

A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle 2oz Darter and a 42 Pound Striper - 38kb "Mike,

     The 2 oz. Darter has caught more fish for me this fall than any other plug in my bag. I made the trip to Cuttyhunk this September and brought along one of your darters. Your darter out fished every other darter I fished that night. I caught fish up to 35 lbs on the darter all night long and could not believe the action this plug has. It works great when fished in heavy currents and can also be fished in relatively calm waters. The highlight of my experience with this plug was the 42 pound bass that inhaled my darter last week. Even though the plug is on the small side, it has taken numerous big bass for me. I always have a couple in my bag every time I hit the water. Thanks for making a great product."

Jim DeBonis

- Tattoo's Tackle Sea Pup Slams a School Bluefin Tuna...

A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle Sea Pup and a Bluefin Tuna - 38kb      "Mike on a recent tuna trip in August with my father and girl friend out to Stellwagon, I had one my greatest catches to date. It stared off as a normal morning as we trolled around from about sun rise 'till 11:30am. There were whales and bait, but unfortenetly no tuna. So we decided to switch gears and do some cod fishing.

     So the rest of the day my father and I watched as my girlfrend Chelsea put a clinic on how to jig cod. But just as we had waved the white flag and began to pack up I saw some bait sprinkle the water about 100 yards off the stern. So I decided to grab my dads blue and bass casting rig, snap on a Sea Pup, and see if anything was out there. I pitched it out and began working it back to the boat at a pretty normal pace like I would for stripers. When I go the plug about 10 yards from the boat I saw a large V-wake barring down on the plug at no joke, had to have been near 40 mph! Wham!!! The line left the reel at a rapid clip and in about 12 seconds 280 yards of 30lb Power Pro became 20. So in desperation I grabed the spool tight and hoped for the best. And 25 minutes later I boated a 60 pound., 47 1/2 inch bluefin.

     It was awsome and since then I'm hooked on throwing Sea Dogs to speedsters - No more trolling for me. Thanks for making a fun trip and keep the wood turning."

Robert Taylor

- The Best Lure in a Long Time, Tattoo's Tackle Junior Swimmer...

     "You may have heard from Mike Laptew already, but I've been smoking the doors off of stripers with your Junior Swimmer in white, yellow and blue marble. In the last 12 days clients have taken 23 bass of 20 to 29 lbs., six fish over 30 lbs. and dozens in the teens. We broke one off at the boat estimated to be around 40-45 lbs.

A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle Junior Swimmer the Best in 20 Years - 11kb     Having fished with just about every swimming lure on the market at one time or another I think I can pick out a good one when I see it. I used to be totally hung up on the original Danny Swimmers made by Danny himself. In fact, I still own about four or five dozen that I never use. I never thought I'd ever see a swimmer as good as the original Danny again in my lifetime until I used your Junior. You certainly got the rock and roll of the original Danny down pat. It is by far the best swimmer I've used in the last 20 years for stripers and bluefish.

     I'm sure a lot of guys have tried to duplicate that lure (Danny) and all failed - except you.

     When I hand one to a client and say this is how you fish it - now hold on - I have the highest confidence that if the fish are there, they will catch it. And they usually do.

     If you ever need an endorsement from me, or someone to help you at the shows when I'm there, feel free to ask. Your lures are the best I've seen in a very, very long time."

Capt. Jim and Justin White
White Ghost Guide Service's Ltd.
Striped Bass Magazine/ Field Editor

- 37.5 Pound Striped Bass on Tattoo's Tackle Junior Swimmer...

Another Large Striper on a Tattoo's Tackle Junior Swimmer from Cuttyhunk Surf - 60kb      "Mike, I fished Cuttyhunk a week ago and had some great success with the Large Swimmer. I switched over to the Junior Swimmer to scale down because I was getting quite a few hits, but not many hook ups. The bass were feeding on 6 inch bunker, and the Junior Swimmer matched the hatch. The first cast with the Junior Swimmer and I hooked up to my best surf fish to date, 37 1/2 lbs weighed the next day back at the Saltwater Edge. I'm headed back to Cuttyhunk for the new moon armed with more Junior Swimmers.

     Thanks for making it a great trip!"

Rob Taylor

- Tattoo's Tackle Large, Junior and Diving Swimmers, and a Large Weakfish...

     "Mike, Ron from Efinger's said you wanted the pictures of the weakfish I caught on your plug. I sent some to Ron and copied you, but I wanted to make sure you got them so I'm sending them to you directly. Please feel free to use them as you will.

A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle Junior, Large and Diving Swimmers and a Large Weakfish Caught in New Jersey Surf - 60kb      I have only tried your Jr. and Large Swimmer and the Diving Swimmer, but all your plugs work great right out of the box, cast beautifully, have a durable finish and apparently are attractive to the fishes. I have been disappointed by the plugs from a large wooden lure manufacturer lately because the finish peels off and the plugs crack along the grain and other tuning problems especially on the bottle plugs. Another manufacturer of "custom" plugs I have tried also has a finish and plug cracking problem on his nine inch needlefish and twitch plug that sinks and won't twitch for me ( I guess if somebody cared to offer operating instructions it would help me at least ). I have experienced none of those problems with your plugs and am pleased to recommend them to others.

     I've been fishing the sand mostly from Asbury Park north to Sandy Hook and around the Raritan Bay shoreline for the last forty years and I like to think that I qualify as one of the regulars. My wife lets me get out way more than I should although I probably wouldn't sleep otherwise if she didn't - at least not at night. I've gone through the plug making stage myself and wrote a few articles for 'The Fisherman' back in the day about it so I do recognize a good product. Your plugs definitely qualify."


- Tattoo's Tackle Swimmers Assult Some Snook in Jupiter Inlet, Florida...

     "Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how well we did with the Tattoo plugs you gave me.

A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle's Diving and Junior Swimmers Catching Large Snook in Jupiter Inlet, FL - 30kb      Last night, fishing under the full moon in Jupiter inlet, my buddy John and I released numerous LARGE Snook on both the Diving Swimmer in "pearl" and the Junior Swimmer in "yellow/red". Fish averaging 20-25 pounds violently assaulted them both for two hours in shallow water and I'm sure we would have caught more, but John broke his rod trying to muscle a 30 pound class fish out of the rocks so we called it a night. I ended up losing all but one of the plugs before the smoke cleared. I'm also interested in trying out those eel plugs you told me about.

     Thanks again and keep those "Northern Snook" herded up for me in October!"

Capt. George LaBonte
Juptier, FL


- 35 Pound Striped Bass on Tattoo's Tackle Diving Swimmer...

A Testimonial on a Large Striped Bass Caught on a Tattoo's Tackle Diving Swimmer - 56kb "Mike,

     I started fishing your Diving Swimmer a few weeks back and have only good things to say about it. You can fish this plug both on the surface and under the surface. I have caught fish doing both, but find I get most strikes just under the surface. I have had great success with this plug, but the highlight of my experience was the 35 pounder I took one night. If you fish calm water or rough water, strong currents or no current, this swimmer can handle it all. I like the way it gets down and holds in the current.

     You will always find one in my bag. Another great product from Tattoo's Tackle."

Jim DeBonis

- Tattoo's Tackle Large Swimmer Outfishing Others...

A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle Large Swimmer from Long Island, NY Surfcaster - 60kb      "Mike,

     Just thought I'd send you a note on how impressed I am with your Tattoo 2.5oz Metal-Lipped Swimmer (Large Swimmer).

     The beginning of fall season has been hit or miss, with some sporadic action the later part of November here in Long Island. Small baits dominated the area until recently when the herring moved in. As a response to this, many surfcasters were using the larger, metal lipped plugs.

     There are several production as well as custom swimmers in my bag and I tried them all, but the plug that really stood out was your white Large Swimmer swimmer. With the slowest of a retrieve, the plug created a solid "V" wake and an enticing wiggle that was just perfect. There were at least two occasions where your plug outfished not only all the other swimmers I tried, but also other surfcasters on the beach, who couldn't figure out what it was I was doing that was causing fish to strike at almost every cast.

     Another point is that considering I pulled in nice sized blues as well as bass, the finish held up amazingly!

     Thanks for making a quality product!"


- Tattoo's Tackle Sea Dog Always in Surf Bag...

A Testimonial about Tattoo's Tackle Sea Dog - 26kb      "Mike:

     I would like to share some of the events of the 2004 surf season with you. I started fishing your Sea Dog in June and just about every night I fished the Sea Dog I hooked bass. Some nights as many as 10 - 12 bass.

     The Sea Dog is really hard to fish wrong and really is a bass magnet. My fish ranged in size from 20 inches to 44 inches. I fished the Sea Dog in sea conditions from flat to some large seas of 4 feet or more, as long as you can stay in contact with the lure you are in the strike zone. The Sea Dog casts well in a head wind ,and tracks well in large sea conditions. You will always find 2 or 3 in my bag day or night, sunrise or sunset."

Al Lea

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