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Sea Dog Modifications:

     In the image above, the left side image of the Sea Pup has a snap added to the leader. This will make the lure Swim more freely and enhance the side-to-side, or "walking-the-dog" action.

     The right side image above of the Sea Pup has a loop knot, which gives a more direct contact with the lure and also enhances the lures "walk-the-dog" action. These can be applied to Sea Dog as well.

Fishing the Sea Dog:

     After the initial cast begin to retrieve the lure with short twitches of the rod to make the lure move in a zig-zag pattern. The ideal and most effective retrieve will be the slowest that will allow the lure to dance while continuing to keep in contact with the lure. Be patient as it may take a few casts to get your timing down on the retrieve. Often fish will strike the lure but not get hooked. If a fish attacks the plug and you do not connect or feel the weight of the fish, stop the retrieve. Allow the plug to remain motionless for 10 to 15 seconds. More often than not, the fish will restrike and inhale the plug as it sits there "stunned" from the initial attack. Imagine a baitfish being attacked by a bass from below; the bass will swat the bait with its tail to stun it. The bait will sit motionless on the surface and eventually start to try to swim away. It will swim for a few seconds and stop, swim for a few more seconds and stop until the stun has worn off, eventually trying desperately to swim away from the bass. Imitating this start and stop action after a strike will produce the best results. To do this, jerk the rod one time to get the lure to zig in one direction, pause several seconds, twitch the rod again to zag in the opposite direction and again wait a few seconds. This will mimic a struggling baitfish on the surface. It's kind of like a game of cat and mouse; the fish will attack the bait and stun it only to come back and pick up the easy target a few seconds later.

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Conditions to fish the Sea Dog:

     Light to moderate surf with white water are ideal conditions. Large gamefish lie in wait for helpless baitfish in white water and top water plugs are too tempting for them to resist. The key to remember is to stay in contact with the lure. Heavy seas will be difficult to maintain contact with the lure and you may miss strikes. Unlike other surface lures, the Sea Dog will continue it's zig zag action if it goes sub-subsurface from waves or the wash of the surf. It is important to continue your retrieve when this happens. Often when the lure makes a change, whether in speed or depth, strikes will occur.

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