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Modifications for the Darters:

     In the image above, the Squid Darter has been modified by tying some saddle hackles to the rear hook to better immitate a squid's tenticles.

     A snap can also be added to the running line leader, which allows the lure to swim more freely.

Fishing the Darters:

     After the cast, a short jerk of the rod tip will cause the plug to dig in to the surf. The darter is designed to be used in moving water. Breachway currents, rips, and strong moving tides are the best places for darter use and success. Varying the retrieve has the most effective results. The idea is to imitate an injured or disoriented baitfish caught in a current, presenting your lure as an easy target for predators. The traditional method is a slow retrieve working the plug 12 -15 feet and pausing to let the plug rest and float to the surface. Try the stop and go or use the count-to-ten method. The count-to-ten method is as follows; Start your retrieve and begin to count to ten, at the number ten make a few quicker cranks on the reel to speed up the plug causing it to swim a bit more erratically, continue your retrieve and repeat for the rest of the cast. You may find strikes will occur just when you begin to speed up or slow down your retrieve. Pay close attention to when strikes occur, usually when the speed of the lure changes, as your observations will determine your success. If fishing a breachway or jetty, a long drift with constant tension on the line will cause the lure to swim and swing in an arc from the end of the jetty is also a great way to increase your catch.

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Conditions to fish the Darters:

     Moderate surf with moving water is the ideal condition. Moving water should be within casting range so you can work the lure in a sweep from left to right or vise-versa, or within the dropping of the tide that causes an undertow. Allowing the darter to hang in the undertow while you feel it work against the pull of the undertow is an excellent way urge following fish into striking.

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