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VMC Logo - 3 kb      Scaled down from its big brother the Sea Dog, the Sea Pup is designed for the light tackle saltwater angler. The Sea Pup has replaced other lures in its class with its ability to stand up to abuse from school tuna, kingfish, bluefish and the like, while others have failed. Its tight compact size and rear weighting allows for pinpoint casts even with moderate headwinds. Our precision design allows you to put your offering in the strike zone when you need to every time, cast after cast. At 2 ounces, it's the perfect walk the dog bait for back bays and estuaries from the surf, or light tackle bluefin tuna from the boat. The Sea Pup has proven itself to be a great crossover bait for freshwater musky and pike. If you love exciting topwater action, you'll love the Sea Pup.

   Sea Pup 2.0 oz. 5.5 inches 2/0
     Sea Dog 3.0 oz. 6.5 inches 4/0
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