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VMC Logo - 3 kb      There is nothing more exciting than explosive topwater action, and you'll be sure to get plenty of that with the Sea Dog. Due to its hefty size and aerodynamic shape, this top water plug has the ability to reach fish beyond the breaking surf. Its buoyant cigar-shaped body allows it to be effectively worked in challenging conditions such as strong currents and heavier seas. Equipped with 4X VMC hooks, heavy duty split rings, and thru-wiring, it's built to take abuse from the toughest game fish in the sea. Whatever you pursue, Striped Bass, Cubera Snapper, Giant Trevally, this lure is perfect for "walking the dog" on the surface for aggressive feeding game fish.

     Sea Pup 2.0 oz. 5.5 inches 2/0
   Sea Dog 3.0 oz. 6.5 inches 4/0
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