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VMC Logo - 3 kb       We all know big baits equal big fish. The Large Swimmer is the perfect lure for when the forage bait is large. Baitfish such as herring, shad, yellow perch, or adult bunker can be mimicked perfectly with this lure's enticing slow, surface V-wake. The newly redesigned wide lip allows it to remain stable in moderate wave conditions and swim true to retain game fish interest throughout your retrieve. With the ability to adjust the swimming depth of the lure, you can create a wide variety of actions from surface to sub surface. Its rear weighting allows for maximum distance when casting, ensuring you are covering as much water as possible. If you're in search for monster muskie, or behemoth bass, the Large Swimmer will get the job done.

     Surface Swimmer 5/8 oz. 4 inches #2
     Small Swimmer 1.0 oz. 4 inches #2
     Junior Swimmer 2.0 oz. 5.5 inches 2/0
   Large Swimmer 2.5 oz. 6 inches 4/0
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