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VMC Logo - 3 kb       The Jr. Swimmer is a flashback from the golden age of saltwater fishing. Taking the best of past performance and blending it with today's components, the Jr. Swimmer takes up the slack in any line. Mimicking the swimming action of original creations from Danny Pichney, it has proven to be a standard in lure bags along the east coast. Carrying it's success from the saltwater scene, the Jr. swimmer has made a splash for anglers hunting for trophy largemouth, pike and muskie. It's rock and roll swimming action closely resembles wounded baitfish on the surface, creating explosive strikes from hunting gamefish. Fresh or salt, this lure is the one for you!

     Surface Swimmer 5/8 oz. 4 inches #2
     Small Swimmer 1.0 oz. 4 inches #2
   Junior Swimmer 2.0 oz. 5.5 inches 2/0
     Large Swimmer 2.5 oz. 6 inches 4/0
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