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VMC Logo - 3 kb      Our latest addition to the Tattoo's Tackle line is the Everlasting Eel. This treasure quickly became our most highly sought after lure just days after its initial release. With an impressive history behind it, the Everlasting Eel has fooled every predator it encounters with its deadly lifelike serpentine action. Like every lure produced by Tattoo's Tackle, this one is built to last. Unlike other jointed lures, thru wiring, stainless steel Krok Swivels, and 4X VMC hooks ensure its ability to stand up to anything that it crosses paths with. Our impressive innovations in design and meticulous handcrafting have produced the ultimate in eel appeal. With the American Eel under watch of becoming endangered, this provides an excellent alternative to the real thing.

   Everlasting Eel 1.5 oz. 8 inches 1/0
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