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VMC Logo - 3 kb       Get down and stay down to where the fish are with the Diving Swimmer. Big fish are found on the bottom and getting to them can be both difficult and frustrating. Not anymore. Working this lure slowly allows the lure to swim deep to where the big girls are, and has produced consistently large fish for many anglers since its introduction into the product line. The sloped-head design causes the water to pass over the body rather than around it like traditional metal lip swimmers. With the ability to adjust the diving depth by bending the eye, it can be fished at a variety of depths allowing for angles to effectively work the entire water column in search of feeding fish. Trolled from a kayak, or cast from the surf, the Diving Swimmer is sure to put a bend in your rod.

   Diving Swimmer 3.0 oz. 6 inches 4/0
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