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VMC Logo - 3 kb      A great search bait for locating fish in fast moving water and strong undertows. Presenting a lure to feeding game fish in a rip or outflow can often be frustrating difficult. This lure allows you to put your offering in the strike zone and maintain contact with the lure to ensure you feel the strike when it happens. Weighing 3 ounces, this lure casts well into a strong headwind and is designing to dig in and start working once it makes contact with the water. With its side-to-side darting action mimicking weak or injured baitfish, it's sure to entice strikes from even the most weary predators. Whether you're fishing under the light house in Montauk, a breachway in Rhode Island, or a jetty in New Jersey, the 3oz darter is the first choice for successful East coast fishermen. Try it and see why.

     Darter 2.0 oz. 5.5 inches 3/0
   Darter 3.0 oz. 6 inches 4/0
     Squid Darter 2.0 oz. 5.5 inches 3/0
     Squid Darter 3.0 oz. 6 inches 4/0
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